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What a summer so far, the weather has been fantastic for cottaging. Enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the country sounds and the beauty of Rice Lake.

July 23rd, 2012 by Mike Arpin

The grass is showing signs of stress and some rain would be nice. Especially one of those warm summer rains. Now just mellow out, find a book, and  get into a serious reading state. Yes we have a lending library with all kinds of books I’m sure that one is just perfect for you. I can remember when I was a kid, growing up in the little sleepy community of Woodlands playing in the warm summer rain. Now that was a flashback! Given the chance I bet todays kids would do the same.

The long weekend is comeing up fast, no rain in the forecast and we still have a couple of openings. It’s a great time to have some “family time” here at Highland View Resort.

 The breeze from the lake is refreshing. The summer sounds are everywhere. Watch the Ospray as it glide over the bay and dive into the water from their perch in the sky. If it is lucky, it will explode from the water, labouring to get back into the air with a fish firmly grasped init’s talons.

Summer is a great time to be out in the country.


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