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Yes everyone spring will come sooner than you expect

February 25th, 2014 by Mike Arpin

winterEven with all the snow, the rain frozen in layers thick enough to hold the weight of the truck, it wont last. It is melting. Even if the temperature is below freezing the suns rays are hitting the ground more directly and in those sheltered areas you can see the snow melting. Longer hours of sunlight are going to do a number on all this snow. The next thing you know the tulips will be pushing up through the snow. A sure sigh of spring is not the robin but the calling of the crows. They are the true vanguard that herald in the changing season. This morning their crowing was like a symphony of sound or the exuberance of a rock concert. Either one was music to my ears. My next job is pruning the fruit trees. That will happen really soon. In no time the docks will be out, boats launched, and the water system up and running. Yes the phone is ringing and emails are coming in, bookings are happening.

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