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What a difference a day makes!

November 12th, 2011 by Mike Arpin

Yesterday was damp, breezy, and colder than normal especially on McGregor Bay. Jackets, lined work gloves, and tuques were a necessity. A bit of sun every now and then, but it was mostly cold, windy, with the temperature hovering near freezing. Oh yes, don’t forget the odd snow shower.

Today the mercury is suppose to climb to 12C with a brisk breeze from the SE. That makes it a little easier especially at my age, to work outside. There were several hardy souls out there fishing last night after dark but this morning the duck hunters were out in force. From what I can gather the Northern ducks are starting their migration south. Rice Lake is on a migratory bird rout and is a natural oasis for the flocks of ducks, geese and other water foul. The abundance of vegetation and fish give sustenance to the hungry travelers. The many bays and inlets offer shelter but many still prefer to raft in the hundreds in the center of the lake. After a little rest and a chance to feed they are once again on their way south. Like most people visiting this wonderful area they will be back. Spring is only 5 short months away and we will see them on their return trip North.

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