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We are in the final stretch of the Second Annual Rice Lake Fishing Festival

June 14th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

There is just a couple of days left and the Second Annual Rice Lake Fishing Festival will be history. Take advantage of the last weekend and catch the great price and perhaps one of the fantastic prizes.

The turtles have been digging up up a storm and leaving their eggs in the most bizarre areas. The pool is one of their favorite areas to take a swim and wash off I guess.

She is making her way back to the lake

The flowers have blossomed early and they have been beautiful,  and early this year. The flowering Crab trees were so full of blossoms of pink, red and white that the ground was carpeted with the colorful petals when they finally fell. The apple trees blossomed early but I think that the crop will fall short because of the early frost. An now the Iris and Peonies  are in their last days of splendor.

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