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Time to start thinking of making those spring and summer plans

January 24th, 2013 by Mike Arpin

Although it has been cold outside the sun rays are getting stronger. Before too long spring will be here. January is almost over and the signs of spring are beginning noticeable, the cats are spending more time in the window soaking up the sunshine. Although it is -18 C outside the the sun’s rays are melting the snow away from the house on the deck.. The nest snow fall will change that But that is to be expected. All in all the winter has not been that bad so far.

Yesterday I ventured out on the lake for a walk in the sunshine. This was the first time I felt confident enough to go out on the bay, With this cold snap the ice has taken hold and is at least thick enough to support at least a person. Might even take the Gator out there if the ice is thick enough.

Highland View Resort

A Cold winter’s day

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