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This is the calm before the rush

May 20th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

What a beautiful morning at 7AM it is already 17c and hardly anyone on the move save for a couple of early morning joggers. Even the anglers that were so gun-ho yesterday seem to be just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quite of this gorgeous Sunday morning of the Victoria Day long weekend.

I bet that there will be a lot of activity out on Rice Lake this glorious day. Yesterday the fishing was good even with the brilliant sunshine and almost 30c temperature. There are some weeds in the bay but the water is clear and there are fish lurking in that weed forest.  There is time for all those who want to escape the smog of Toronto, Mississauga, Makrham and Oshawa to take in a day trip to fish on “Fabulous Rice Lake”. We have boats for rent and a lot of free advice on where to go for the big ones.

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