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The long range weather forcast for Summers last long-weekend looks AWSOME

August 28th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

Check out the local attractions, farmers markets and road side stands and stock up on the sweetest peaches and cream corn ever. This year the local corn has been fantastic. I can almost smell the aroma of camp fires and hear the soft chatter of kids while they toast marshmallows. This season has passed so quickly it’s hard to believe that it is just about gone. There is even a tint of color in the leaves especially in the sumac, poplar and maple trees.

The fishing has been especially good in the last couple of days the cooler temperature at night has started to cool the  lake down which in turn triggers the feeding instinct in many of our sport and pan fish. The days are growing shorter but there is still a lot of sunshine that you can take advantage of while the weather is favorable.  Can you guess what kind of nest this is?Have you wondered what this is.

The Purple martins have gone but there are still many of the song birds, raptors and of course the ospreys that are still here along with the many water fowl. Check out this link  You can see the same exhibition of  the skill of the ospreys right here in McGregor Bay. It seems that they like fishing here in the bay too.

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