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The cold has moved in!

November 17th, 2011 by Mike Arpin

There is a major shift in the weather this morning. The sky and the water are gray. The ground cover was the frosty greyish white too. General feeling about is GRAY! If winter hasn’t moved in yet, he is claiming his territory and planting his “Occupy” sing firmly in the ground before it freezes solid. The tone has gone from leisurely getting things done to “let’s move it the ice is going to be on the water and it’s a drag to working when everything is freezing!”

There are a couple of trees that are in denial that winter is a given and for the first time they are starting to shed their remaining leaves. Welcome to the November blues, kind of makes one want to follow the geese southward. As a matter of fact they are rafting here in McGregor Bay and every now and then their honking and flapping pierces the cooling air.

On a good note we strung the exterior Christmas lights when it was a lot milder!

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