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Spring keeps trying to trick us

May 5th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

The weather keeps changing from one day to the next, will she decide to stay or just keep us in suspense. Yesterday saw the second wave of the Red Admirals butterflies they were all over the place this wave was a little more prolific than the last. I thought that I spotted a purple martin on the hydro wire but while trying to fetch my binoculars it flew off. However there was a Baltimore Oriole singing it’s heart out most likely looking to attract a nesting mate.

Tonight is the night of a Super Moon it will be larger than most full moons because it is closer to the earth, last night’s moon was impressive can’t wait to see tonight’s revelation.

There is only one week left to the start of the Rice Lake fishing Festival, time to make reservations check out the Special Rates at Highland View Resort.


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