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Spring is here

March 20th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

The ground is drying up fast and thee grass is starting to grow I hope that Mother Nature doesn’t laugh at us after she dumps a mega load of snow on us in a few weeks. Even if she does I will still relish this fantastic weather that we have been blessed to have. Yesterday I left the patio door open to enjoy that warm spring air in but in came some unwanted guests, mosquitoes. Yes I bot bit and this morning I got my revenge, I swatted 2 of them!

The Ice is out of the lake, the docks are out. there are some repairs to be done on a couple but they should be done later this week. There are boats in the water and the anglers in the bay. McGregor Bay is warming up really fast and that means the pan fish will be looking for nesting spots. I would think that in the next several days I’ll see schools of Black Crappie coming in close to the docks to spawn.

Docks out and green grass!

The earliest that I can remember.

It’s time to get serious about fishing, don’t forget about the second annual Rice Lake Fishing Festival, May 12 to June 17. Highland View is offering special Accommodation pricing for the festival at Fishing Festival Specials.

We have perks Cards for purchase here or you can visit Perks Card and purchase it on line.

Gosh I love this time of year.

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