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Rice Lake’s bass population is outstanding!

June 24th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

Yesterday was a bumper day for bass, everyone who were out for the opening came back to Highland  View Resort with their limit. Some of the fish caught were just awesome, several over 5 pounds there was one small mouth bass that was just striking it’s  colours were striking I wanted to weigh it but everyone was so excited all they wanted to do was show it off to the whole family and anyone else that was interested or not. Who wouldn’t be impressed , I know I was.

Today I’m going to have my camera handy because I don’t have a picture to prove that it was a fantastic opener. This is one from last year and some that came in yesterday were even larger but this one is an example of some that came in. There were a great deal that were caught and released and some that went right into the Frying pan.

An average sized bass

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