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Now this is March weather!

March 9th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

This morning there was a little sun shining through the tree branches warming up the lone robin and a single red winged blackbird. I don’t think that the robin’s spring song was amusing the blackbird because when the robin started his serenade once again the blackbird took off.

Then just before noon, the sun was replaced by big dark snow-bearing clouds which proceeded to dump at least 2 inches 5CM of snow. Then came that notorious March wind to whip all that snow into a frenzy. What a difference from yesterday. Spring likes to tease us just a little, but winter sure doesn’t want to leave without letting us know how cruel he/she can be.

Yesterday the goats and donkey were nibbling on the first green tips of tender grass and today they reluctantly headed for the bale of hay!

There is hope that the snow will soon be gone because last year it did the same but not as gently as this year.

We are just itching to get started because May is just a short month and a bit away. The Resort has weathered well but there is that hectic time of opening and pre-pairing the cottages. Getting boats and of course the gardens and planters ready for our first guests. I love this time of year the most. The sun is returning to her full glory and there is that special smell of spring in the air.

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