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It’s hard to cut down trees either living or dying

September 26th, 2012 by Mike Arpin

Emotionally I find it difficult to remove trees, that is why as soon as one has to come down there will be another planted to replace it. Yesterday we had to take down 6 beautiful elm trees. A couple were dead and the rest dying. I’ve always liked elms, their umbrella shaped structure always provided shade from the hot summer sun. When the first trees were hit, where I use to live in a small community off the island of Montreal, it left the country side devastated. There was a beautiful old tree in the field that put up a valiant fight but eventually it had to be cut down. As a kid we used to play under neath its huge branches. Many a happy summers day was spent playing on and around it. Maybe that is why I feel that I have lost something when ever we have to remove a dead or diseased tree.

We have a number of ash trees here at Highland View, I just keep my fingers crossed that that we won’t have an infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer to infect our beautiful ash trees. That is one reason that we insist that only local wood is used for campfires here at the Resort.

Just north of us the trees have started to show their fall colors but around the Lake they are just starting to show a little color, but those autumn days are here just a few more weeks before we shut down for the season. If you haven’t made plans for the last long weekend of the season we still have a couple of cottages available .

Comming down piece by pieceDropped in one piece

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