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Summer is quickly comming to an end

September 10th, 2013 by Mike Arpin

The temperature today is in the mid thirties. But the leaves are starting to take on a different shade of green. Some have a tinge of yellow and the slightest hue of crimson.
The wild grapes on the vines are the laden with fruit, the apple, plum and pear trees have the most fruit on them that I can ever remember seeing.

Wild Grapes
The Black birds are gathering in huge flocks, and the once tiny fluffy Canada Geese are almost full grown and rafting huge numbers on the lake. All point to the inevitable, fall is just around the corner. The most spectacular time of the year is about to transform the country side. The perfect time of the year to avoid the summer crowds, no lines at the golf clubs, campfires when its a little cool in the evenings, watching the colours change before your eyes. all at reduced rates.

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